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Slow AF!

Old app I used daily. New app takes forever to load. Sorry channel 13 but I have to use a different app.

Background clouds not friendly on the old eyes

Change, remove clouds with white text

This time is worst!

I prefer having horizon. Also, it is dumb color in background and prints that are difficult to read. You, duh

No, no, nooo!

Don’t want a vertical only app! ! ! Have an iPad sittin on my desk in the horizontal. Never use it vertically.

Good to Bad

Changing background to be clouds and foreground transparent ruined app. Difficult to read daily weather. Too many other apps to choose from. Deleted and got another one.


It need work fix it The weather is not right when you tell us on TV

Easy to use

The only thing I see it missing is the dew point to determine how uncomfortable the humidity will be. It's a good measure to have available that is on other apps I've used.

Wish for more

Love the App! Only one thing that I have found lacking.... No snow accumulations! After this winter, I really want to know and not somewhere in the "details" maybe! But all in all a good app.

Great Weather App

Easy to use. Love the map options. I would give it 5 stars if there was an addition to show humidity info. Still have to check the tv or another app for this info.


I am so happy that you have an app now! I have been waiting for this for awhile. So far I love it, but need to check it out more :) I would like to see a link to the videos that Charlie posts. I think that would be a great addition to this app.

Great weather app!

Great weather app!

This App...

I downloaded this app with skepticism but was pleasantly surprised. It's more comprehensive and detailed than other apps I've used. It includes playable radar clips, ten day, hourly and many options to customize. The question is, will this put Craig out of a job?

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